Hour 1

Zane gave us an update this morning on his never-ending move. He spent 8 hours there yesterday just throwing odds and ends in to boxes and cleaning the old place. A world record was broken over the weekend! There is a new world's shortest man! You can see the picture of this little freak in the Cool Links section.


Hour 2

We talked briefly this morning about the upcoming trip that Joe and Steve will be going on to run with the bulls. It turns out that 24 hours to think about it has not made Steve any less nervous about it! Family Radio idiot Harold Camping suffered a stroke over the weekend. We found it very hard to have any sympathy for him because he scammed so many people out of so much money. An Australian TV personality was interviewing the Dalai Lama and attempted to tell him a hilarious joke. You can see how terribly it went in the Video Reel. We went over a list of the 50 best final lines in movies this morning on the show. Some of them were pretty easy to get, while most of them were very difficult. Zane had an interesting strategy of just guessing "Shawshank Redemption" for every single one.


Hour 3

A list came out that supposedly gave all of the characteristics of a cheater. We quickly learned that it listed the characteristics of SOME cheaters, and then applied them to all cheaters. Dumb list. We found yet another survey that portrayed men as being complete idiots. It asked if it was easier to take care of yourself or a car. Of course, the results showed that men said it was easier to take care of their car. Zane told us yesterday about his awkward interaction with Emma from the band Sick Puppies over the weekend. Based on this, we asked for your calls about bad and awkward interactions with celebrities and got a bunch of good calls.


Hour 4

Intern Mudflap was having a rough day on the phones. He got one name wrong and then continued to talk on the phone even though the mic was turned on in the booth. This earned him another beatdown. The Westboro Baptist Church rolled in to Nashville over the weekend to protest a soldier's funeral. They were greeted by over 2000 counter-protestors, their tires were slashed and they were quickly run out of town. Well done, Nashville. Well done! In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the man that is searching for Bin Laden's body at the bottom of the ocean, as well as the article that ran in the Miami Herald congratulating the Heat on winning the NBA title. We closed the hour with a list of six types of sex that every couple should be having, from Cosmo. You can see that in Cool Links.


Hour 5

The first Republican Presidential debate took place last night. For some reason, they wasted a bunch of times on questions no one cares about such as "Coke or Pepsi?". This seemed like a big waste of time. Lance Armstrong and Tyler Hamilton both ended up at the same restaurant in Colorado over the weekend. Instead of ignoring each other, Armstrong confronted him! Nothing was resolved, of course, but we talked about how awkward it must have been for both of them. We closed the show with an update on Hot Wings' dad and by telling what we learned today. Talk to you on Wednesday morning.