Hour 1

We started off the morning talking about how Wiener 2 completely oversold the eye injury to Fedor in the recent fight. This led to talk about local MMA fights that we have been to: some were great and some sucked. We started to talk about a list that tells you how much your life is worth. We quickly transitioned to talking about how our interns are worth little, and the abuse that they've taken over the years.

Hour 2

There was a news story last week from the San Diego Port Authority where it was revealed that dirty bombs and other WMD's had been found coming through the port. The guy who was being interviewed immediately realized that he probably wasn't supposed to reveal that information and tried to take it back right away. There was a ridiculous story in which Police found 30 items deep inside a prisoner's ass. They were wrapped in a condom and included some pretty strange objects that you would never expect.

Hour 3

Sixty-two year old Harry Updyke, a Bama fan till the end, revealed on a sports talk radio show that he was so pissed at Auburn fans that he poisoned the trees at Toomers Corner on the Auburn campus. He's now being charged and is trying to take it all back. Based on this, we asked for calls from people that made attempts to sabotage the rival team or school in some kind of way. We played the news story from CBS Atlanta where they did a report on alleged chem trails. Some nut jobs think that it's a big government conspiracy and that we're all being poisoned.

Hour 4

A high school wrestler in Iowa, Joel Northrop, decided he would forfeit a chance to make it to the state championship match because he didn't want to wrestle a girl. We took a bunch of calls on the topic, including a guy that told us that he wrestled a girl in high school and immediately grabbed her cans when the match started! In today's FBHW Report, we talked about how the Robocop statue in Detroit update is going to happen, as well as the Philadelphia 76ers announcer that fell asleep during the broadcast. We're flying to Daytona this weekend for the big race and Producer Joe is already getting nervous. He told us once again about the freak-out that he had on his last flight when he was coming home from his cruise. He was convinced that the plane was going to crash.

Hour 5

We came back from break and had to immediately beat up Hot Wings for something that happened off the air. Zane and Joe were having a conversation when all of a sudden, Hot Wings went crazy and blurted something out about a, as he described him, "terrifying man" that was on the television at the time. He apparently has no filter. We discussed last night's episode of American Idol where one of the contestants, Jacob Lusk, cried his balls off after he sung his balls off. His cry has now been added to the montage of epic cries of all time. We closed the show with a round of Name That Blank, where Producer Joe was attacked for bleeping some parts of an audio clip and not others. We'll have best-of Monday and Tuesday because we'll be in Daytona for the race. Talk to you again live on Wednesday morning!