Hour 1
We started the show by teasing a Joe stunt that will hopefully take place very soon. If it happens, it's going to be pretty epic and will be quite an adventure. We gave an update on Kitchen Battle that has taken place here at the radio station over the last few months. Office Mom has put a toaster in the kitchen for today's breakfast party. We considered taking it and throwing it in the trash since she has thrown out everyone else's things in the past. We checked out the trailer for The Hangover 2 early on the show this morning. We were shocked at how it was basically the exact same movie, just in Thailand. See for yourself in the Video Reel.

Hour 2
We talked for a bit about the UConn/Butler game last night and how poorly Butler played. This led to some discussion about college players accepting money and selling their old memorabilia and how they can get in big trouble for it. The guy that wrote the code for the original Madden video games in 1988 is set to make a ton of cash from the franchise. He was supposed to keep getting money as long as they kept using his code, but he stopped getting money in 1992. They've been using his code since then, so he's going to be getting a huge payday. We watched the video of what is being described as the scariest car accident ever. You have to watch that in the Video Reel. How much would you have to be paid to risk your life at the Fukushima disaster? Workers are being offered as much as $5,000 for an hour of work to go in and handle the nuclear waste. Would you do it?

Hour 3
We checked out the video of "tsunami dog", a dog in Japan that survived 3 weeks at sea floating on a bunch of debris from the earthquake and tsunami. There's also a great video of the dog being reunited with its owner. Meatloaf completely flipped out on Gary Busey on the latest episode of Celebrity Apprentice. He was convinced that Busey stole his paints for his art project. He acts like a little kid. Check that out in the Video Reel. The Hot Wings baby countdown is down to just 24 hours! As far as we know, a name has still not been picked out. We played some audio of Oprah talking about why she never had kids and how she wants to be a teacher. It seems like she has a really high opinion of herself because we suspected that she didn't mean "teacher" in the sense that you may think.

Hour 4
We gave Hot Wings some baby name suggestions, but during this segment, Zane made a ridiculous claim about a kid that his son supposedly went to school with. We got his son on the phone to try and give truth to this claim, but he was unsuccessful. The controversy rolled on through the break and our friend Captain Combs called in to defend Zane, surprisingly. He was also unsuccessful. We revealed this morning the next adventure that Producer Joe will be going on next. It will take place in a few weeks and involve the royal wedding.

Hour 5
Bad news for medical marijuana users! Science has defeated you once again. Within the next few years, there will be a strain of medical marijuana that has all of the benefits of pain relief, but it will not cause the high. We took a bunch of calls from bummed-out cheeto eaters. A concerned listener emailed with a legitimate concern about Producer Joe's upcoming stunt at the royal wedding. He used to live in London and is concerned that Joe will be arrested if he attempts to get too close. It came out recently that Steve Nash served his wife with divorce papers just days after the birth of his child. The reason he did this was because the baby looked nothing like him, but exactly like one of his teammates! We think he's pretty justified in doing so. We closed the show by trying to get to a bunch of loose ends that we had not gotten to during the rest of the show, but instead focused on the strange sense of humor between Hot Wings and his wife. Talk to you Wednesday morning!