Hour 1

We started the show by talking about the new baseball season. Man, the season is sure off to one hell of a start! We'll possibly be doing a live broadcast in Albany this summer. We decided to take this opportunity to tough talk the PD of the station to make sure we didn't have a late night Thursday remote broadcast the night before our live broadcast. This seems to have become a tradition that we really don't like. A man in Wisconsin was remodeling his bathroom last week and he was ripping out some drywall and insulation. Buried inside the wall, he found a live missile from the Korean War! This got us on the topic of crazy things that people have found hidden in the walls while remodeling.

Hour 2

Zane gave us an update this morning on his medical condition that has been bothering him for the last few days. He had to go to the hospital yesterday and get an ultrasound. There was nothing obvious that showed up on it and he gets the results later today. A woman in Seattle was decorating at a school for Easter and was asked to refer to Easter eggs in a more politically correct way. We each took turns coming up with suggestions and took some calls on the subject. Jenn Sterger was on Good Morning America yesterday talking about the whole Brett Favre fiasco. We were pretty split on whether or not we believed her end of the story or not.

Hour 3

Some douche named Adam on the latest season of Real World is from the listening area in Maine. A listener called in to say that the story that Adam tells on the show is far from the truth. He claimed to be the biggest drug dealer in Maine, which we said would be a very difficult claim to prove. A woman that was in the studio audience at American Idol was separated from her friends, who were sitting in the front row, and moved to the back row. She said they moved her to the back row because she was too fat to be up front. American Idol, of course, denies all allegations. We found a picture of her and agree that she definitely was not discriminated against because she's not big at all. Yesterday on Ellen, Hayden Panettiere revealed a question that her and her boyfriend get all the time based on their large size difference. We asked for listeners with greater size/weight differences with their partner to call in.

Hour 4

A report came out recently that broke down the money that BP paid to the Gulf Coast area for the oil spill last year. While some of the things on the list could be justified, many things on the list could not be such as tasers, iPads and laptops. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about the inconsistent reviews of Charlie Sheen's live show and played some audio of Bill O'Reilly talking about the facts of Barack Obama. This got us on the subject of the whole "birther" movement and whether or not the president was born in the US or not. We closed the hour by checking out the video that has been going around the internet of the TSA agent allegedly "groping" a six year old girl. We talked a good amount about airline/airport security and took calls from listeners on whether or not it was appropriate.

Hour 5

We checked out the latest video of minor league baseball manager Wally Backman absolutely losing his mind during a game. We pulled out some of his other classic rants from the past. You can see it in the Video Reel. This guy needs to do this every game! Also in the Video Reel is a video for a product that we're pretty sure no one will ever buy. It's called the Slobstopper and it's basically a bib for adults who can't stop spilling stuff on their clothes. We closed the show by playing the PSA's that Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have produced trying to raise awareness of sex trafficking of children. They don't appear to make any sense and seem to have missed the mark quite a bit. You can check that out in Cool Links. Be sure to listen tomorrow for Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $4,800 from our friends at Cat Footwear.