Hour 1

Zane came in this morning and was still in a great deal of pain from his abdominal condition. The doctor isn't really sure what the issue is so he is sending him for an ultrasound today. Due to his years of unwarranted abuse towards other people, he is getting zero sympathy from anyone. Your belly hurts. Suck it up. People are still bitching about Facebook's privacy settings and are claiming that they are "impossible" to figure out. We all have Facebook pages and aren't sure what is so "impossible" about them. They're pretty simple.

Hour 2

We got a baby update from Hot Wings this morning. Little Liam has his days and nights backwards, like newborns usually do. Hot Wings hasn't had more than a few hours of sleep each night since the baby was born. Steve went and got his hair cut yesterday and was forced in to awkward haircut small talk. This is something we've talked about on the show before and we hate it. The woman cutting his hair asked him "do you like summer or winter better?". We checked out a video of some college kids shooting pubes on their friend's face with a potato cannon. Free Beer, Hot Wings and Zane insisted it was fake. Producer Joe and Steve took it for what it was: a silly internet video. We played some audio of Donald Trump talking about how he was a Christian, yet it was pretty obvious that he was just saying that because he thought he was supposed to. The topic of him running for president also came up.

Hour 3

Free Beer found a list of "hot seat" questions that each of us had to answer this morning. This was an extremely fun segment and led to some pretty brutal beat-ups. Over the weekend, Zane was able to secure a new (used) car for intern Monchichi after he crashed his last week during the radio show. Chi went to pick up the car yesterday and had a very awkward interaction with Craig, the owner of the car lot. We got Craig from HyWay Auto Sales on the air this morning to tell us how socially awkward Chi was. Gas prices are going through the roof again. While on this topic, we took a call from a guy that told us about his "friend" who is a tanker driver and how he would short the stations gas and sell it out of his house.

Hour 4

At the end of the interview with Craig from HyWay Auto Sales, there was some controversy over whether or not one of the cars he was selling was an auto or manual transmission. Hot Wing insisted it was an automatic. We got an email from Craig trying to prove him wrong, but it didn't stick. Car King reigns supreme. A female listener emailed in yesterday with some constructive criticism for Hot Wings. She seemed to think that he hated women based on his past What Hot Wings Thinks subjects. Hot Wings responded with a What Hot Wings Thinks about how he's pretty sure he did not hate women. In today's FBHW Report, we played the audio of Shirley MacLaine on Oprah talking about her sex life. She claimed to have had 3 sexual partners in a 24 hour period. We took calls from listeners to see if they could top that. Be sure to go to the Video Reel today and watch the video we played today of the drunkest Cubs fan ever. Some say real, some say fake, all say funny!

Hour 5

Zane had to leave early to get his ultrasound today. We played a clip from a TLC show about a strange condition a guy had and wondered if it was the same condition Zane had. Check it out in the Video Reel. We played the audio of an interview that Tom Brady did where he started crying about how nervous he was on draft day when he didn't get drafted until later than anticipated. We took calls from listeners to find out if that seemed ok or not. We closed the show with the news story about the two planes that collided on the runway at JFK. You can see that in the Video Reel. This will help to make Producer Joe even more nervous about the upcoming London trip. Talk to you on Wednesday!