What's going on?

Drug Kingpin Gets 42 Years
A drug kingpin who was supplying heroin and cocaine to Grand Rapids, Indianapolis and Kansas was sentenced in federal court in GR and given 42 years in prison.
1.5 Million Ford Trucks Recalled
With the type of weather we have been having lately, the last thing you want to do is have to take your truck to get serviced but Ford is saying if your pickup is of a certain year, you need to bring it in.
Generator Safety Tips
Nearly 160,000 people across West Michigan are out of power and generators are being purchased right and left. For those who are first time generator owners, here are a few helpful safety tips.
Buyer Beware of Outdoor Festival in Kalamazoo
If you remember the failed Fyre Festival in the Bahamas where big artists were promised and thousands of tickets were sold to an event that did not happen, then watch out for the Meeting of the Minds festival allegedly coming to Kalamazoo.