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Man Shoots Neighbor in Alleged Self Defense
A man who lives in Belding, Michigan, may have shot and killed his neighbor in self defense.
According to WZZM, a loud party early on Sunday morning led to an altercation and 44 year old Robert Morgan getting shot and killed.
Morgan owned a vacant lot near the shooter who complained earlier about the …
Road Rage Puts 2 People In The Hospital
Everyone has experienced a little road rage at some point or another when behind the wheel of a vehicle. Most people never act on their emotions but that is not the case for a pair of motorists in Grand Rapids.
Salads and Wraps May Be Contaminated At A Store Near You
If you like to eat healthy or just enjoy a good salad or wrap from time to time, you might want to think twice on where you buy it because several of your favorite stores have contaminated beef, pork and poultry salad and wrap products.
EPA Says Parchments Water is Undrinkable
The Environmental Protection Agency says that the PFAS levels in Parchments water is 20 times higher than the EPA's lifetime health advisory. Residents are not surprised.
Attempted Robbery Leaves 2 Shot
In an attempted robbery, two citizens wound up shot Tuesday morning just outside of a bank that is near Kalamazoo.