Hour 1

Zane started the show this morning by announcing that he brought in show-and-tell today. It was a call-back to a conversation we had a few weeks ago about a cartoon character that he had a crush on. So strange. A few days ago at USC, two students snuck up on to the roof of one of the buildings on campus and had sex. They did so, however, in view of a few hundred people in the quad below! A bunch of people took pictures that you can see in the Cool Links section.

Hour 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger is apparently working with Stan Lee of Marvel Comics to create a Governator character. It will combine his body building, acting and political careers and roll them all in to one character. Sounds great. Free Beer dropped such a bomb in the office yesterday that it cleared it out and lingered for about 15 minutes. We found it funny that Zane was so affected by it, considering he's notorious for doing the exact same thing on a fairly regular basis.

Hour 3

A listener emailed to say Zane screwed up during the Danny McBride interview last week. After careful investigation, Zane was vindicated because we found that the information we were given before the interview was actually false. We went over a list of 7 supposedly real facts that were extremely surprising. We believe that most of these were in no way real and just made up by someone and posted on the internet. You can see the list in the Cool Links section.

Hour 4

Zane gave us the play-by-play from the pull-up contest in Nashville from last weekend. We had somehow not talked about it at all this week. Even though he didn't do as well as he hoped, he still managed to get some good tough-talking in. We played the audio from a news story about an obese man that spent the last two years of his life in the same chair, never getting up once. He was, as the news story put it, "welded" to his chair with feces and maggots! Watch the news story in the Video Reel. In the FBHW Report, we played the audio of the drunk woman that was pulled over and had to recite the alphabet, as well as the audio of Snooki being called a slut at a wrestling event. We closed the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $4,000 from our friends at Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

We talked about the group of seven people in Albany that hit the $319 Mega-Millions jackpot over the weekend. Normally, an eighth guy chips in for their lottery pool, but did not this time because he wasn't feeling lucky. We had a long discussion about what we would do in that situation. Tell us what you would do by taking the web poll now! We talked to a guy this morning named Louis who has spent a great deal of time making a quilt out of women's panties. Normally, we would think he was a big creeper, but he actually seemed to be a pretty fun guy! If you missed it, you can hear it on the Interviews page. Talk to you on Friday morning!