Hour 1

Zane started the morning by talking about our intern Monchichi's new appearance. He finally got a haircut! While Zane could no longer make fun of him about that, he quickly found something else to mock him for. Since the baseball season kicked off yesterday, we went over a list of not-so typical stats from baseball stadiums. A ridiculous amount of hot dogs will be eaten in parks this year.

Hour 2

Free Beer is still pretty sick. He finally went to the doctor last night and found out he has sinusitis. He's on a ton of meds, so we were on high-alert for screw ups this morning! The guy who decided not to chip in on lottery tickets in Albany has spoken and seems to be genuinely happy for his 7 coworkers that hit the jackpot. We're still worried he's going to have a breakdown at some point. We played some audio of Shepherd Smith talking about a woman that got trapped in a sinkhole. This got us on the topic of how Free Beer sometimes speaks like him, as well as other radio and TV hosts. We dug up some old audio of his really pukey days. A CPA emailed us the other day after our segment about people cheating on taxes. He said that in all of the cases, a simple change to the way the file would have made it legal. We got an email this morning bashing Steve and saying he should not be considered part of the show in any way. The emailer seemed very fussy. A guy at a Grateful Dead tribute band concert died recently. Check out the Cool Links section for a description of his extremely strange death.

Hour 3

We watched a video of what had to be the craziest brawl we have ever seen. It was two teams of Russian dudes that just proceeded to beat the crap out of each other. You can see that in the Video Reel. Zane called an audible this morning at the beginning of a segment so he could give an intervention to intern Monchichi. He smells like cigarettes, so Zane needed to get to the bottom of it and call out his parents live on the air.

Hour 4

We checked out the trailer for the new horror movie "Insidious" on the show this morning. You can check it out in the Video Reel. During this segment, we also played back some of Free Beer's most recent verbal screw-ups, including a few that happened this morning. In today's FBHW Report, we played the comments by the Montana state reprehensive who said that people should be allowed to drive drunk, as well as the audio from the unlucky guy in Albany that opted out of the lottery. We watched the video of an awesome nut shot this morning. A guy snuck up on his friend and opened a bottle of champagne and shot the cork right at his nuts. Check that out in the Video Reel. We closed the hour with another Women's Forum. It ended up being entirely focused on one question that a woman sent in.

Hour 5

We gave an update on the story that we talked about yesterday of the guy that was fused to his chair for two years. We truly believed that it was the best possible outcome for this guy. We talked to Montana State Representative Alan Hale late in the show this morning. He's the one that is against drunk driving laws and believes that they should be relaxed to help small business (i.e. bar) owners. We gave him the opportunity to attempt to explain his unique views. We closed the show by discussing the very stupid question that Producer Joe asked earlier this morning off the air. We're not sure what he was thinking, and it doesn't seem like he knows either. Have a good weekend. Talk to you Monday morning!