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FBHW ON WZZM 13 – Skydiving Grandma Mishap [VIDEO]
An 80-year-old grandma is left dangling after a tandem skydive goes wrong. Unbelievable video captured as Grandma nearly slips thru the straps and plunges to her death. Of course this won't stop the guys from insinuating she was wasn't bothered at all by it and probably proceeded to tell…
FBHW On WZZM 13 – Baby Free Beer Is Here!
The guys (minus Free Beer of course) discuss the arrival of Free Beer's new son Henry. Even the best laid plans go awry sometimes so watch and find out how the birthing plans went down WAY different than originally planned. And from everybody here at WGRD "Welcome Henry"
Today On The FBHW Show – Computers & Nancy Grace
Hour 1
Computers are advancing at such a rapid rate that they will eventually stop getting better so quickly. We talked about the amazing technological advances, even in the last 15 years. A Sony Playstation 2 from today is more powerful than military super-computers from 1997! We talked about a prom…
Today On The FBHW Show – Prostate Exams & Elvis Presley
Hour 1
Zane kicked off the show by pointing out the massive face wafer that was stuck to the side of Free Beer's face. Joe was grossed out by it and started to gag, especially when Free Beer tried to make his way in to Joe's booth to give him a close up! We talked about a study this morning that sugg…

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