Hour 1

We started today's show with Free Beer telling us about how his wife was mad at him. She had a dream with him and the cast of a popular reality show. The dream did not work out in her favor and woke up angry with him for his dream actions. This led to us discussing some other dream phenomena. Leona Helmsley made her dog a very rich dog when she passed a few years back. There is an update of this rich puppy and got us on the topic of family fighting each other. We also discussed being "farm strong" and the advantages and disadvantages in a fight.


Hour 2

This week has been new intern week, there was no shortage of tough talking the interns for their various physical short comings and general appearance. Zane was once again hurt by his dad and his replacement family. He endured the difficult details and shared his sad story. We talked about a guy in New Hampshire who likes to wear diapers, check him out in the cool links section. That story reminded us of the adult baby we talked about a few weeks back and further discussed that weirdness. We played a round of name that blank this morning.


Hour 3

A guy plotting to kill his wife was caught on Facebook, he reminded us of how it always come back to the computer. You can see the twist his story took in the cool links section. Nick Cage's son got a good beating recently. No one seemed to feel bad for him, it was caught on tape and you can see it in the video reel. There is a mother who says she doesn't like her children. We got a ton of calls on the subject of course. You can check out her rational in the cool links section and see if you feel the same way.


Hour 4

It turns out your cell phone really could crash a plane. Producer Joe stood his ground and it makes no difference if you use your phone while in flight. The report is in cool links to help explain how it works. In the FBHW report, the Casey Anthony trial is getting out of hand. We also talked about the NBA finals and Lebron James not showing up. We all made a list of the top 5 moments of our lives. We also debated over if a negative event could be included in the list. We all read ours and it turned on the interns pretty quick as usual. A few listeners called in to tell us what their top moments were as well.


Hour 5

For the entire last hour of the show we finished reading our top 5 moments and going over the lists. Have a good weekend and be sure to listen on Monday morning.