Hour 1

Zane started the show this morning in the bathroom. His horrible abdominal pains have come back and he still hasn't heard from the doctor about what it could possibly be. Hot Wings told us he was nearly late this morning because he fell asleep holding his newborn, which we suspected was probably the most peaceful thing in the world. His wife woke him up at 4:20, just 40 minutes before the radio show starts! We talked about a guy who had a Corvette, yet managed to get trapped inside of it somehow. The doors locked automatically and he had to call the cops to let him out. He was so fussy about it that he traded the car in because he felt like his life was in danger.

Hour 2

Intern Matt finally has a nickname! While talking about his experiences in the military, Zane gave him the nickname "Purple Heart Matt", because he received (not won) a Purple Heart for his service. We checked out a video and learned about the newest sport, Kronum. It seemed like the most confusing sport ever with 4 goals, numerous zones and about 20 people. You can see that in the Video Reel. We came across a list of four things that are supposedly scientifically proven to turn women on. The list included car engine sounds, deep voices and cucumbers. We had women call in and comment on the list.

Hour 3

We watched the video of the idiot father in Tampa that cheered his 17 year old son on during a street fight. He didn't just stand by and watch, but actually encouraged him to gouge out the other kid's eyes and slam his head on the ground. We took calls from listeners in the next segment from people who have had similar experiences and were encouraged to fight by their parents. One of our listeners, Kevin from Albany, is going on quite an adventure this weekend. He's flying to Las Vegas to track down a girl that he's in love with to tell her how he really feels. Most of our listeners thought what he was doing was pretty stalkerish and we insisted that he call back on Monday to update us.

Hour 4

After listener Kevin called in to tell us his plans for the weekend, we had a ton of calls and emails from people that wanted to chime in. The general consensus was that Kevin was a stalker and his plan will in no way work. We'll find out Monday morning! In the FBHW Report, we played the audio of Donald Trump referring to black people as "the blacks", as well as the audio of the Sacramento Kings announcers getting emotional at the end of what could be the team's final game in Sacramento. After the success of the hugely popular Women's Forum that we do from time to time, we decided to finally have the first ever Black Listener Forum this morning! We had a ton of questions from listeners, some great, some silly, and had a great time during the segment.

Hour 5

News came out recently that our old buddy Prince Fred and Zsa Zsa are going to have a child. Kinda. They will use an egg donor and a surrogate mother and supposedly raise a kid. She's in her 90's and near death. He's in his 70's. This will be interesting. Producer Joe was out for his stunt today at a local fast food restaurant. Based on the video we watched earlier in the week for the "Slobstopper", which was basically a bib for adults, he was pouring drinks on himself like they did in the infomercial. We ended the show by talking about the kidnapped girl in Tennessee, as well as revealing what we learned today. Talk to you on Monday!