Hour 1

Since today is Friday, we had to start the show off in the only logical way possible: by playing the Friday Song! We talked about a woman that somehow trapped herself in the trunk of her car and had to call 911. We wondered how in the world she managed to do that. We got a great hate email from a listener in Reno. They said that they thought there was no possible way we could be worse than one of the other shows in the market, but miraculously, we were! It turns out we know the show they were referencing and it's one of those two guys, one girl shows where the guys trash talk the girl constantly. A guy was arrested because he drove around looking for free WiFi and when he eventually found it, he pulled in the hotel parking lot and beat off.

Hour 2

We talked briefly this morning about the possible government shutdown. As of now, everything appears to be business as usual. Zane told us this morning that his wife took his son shopping and not only allowed him to get, but also encouraged the purchase of a Playboy belt buckle. Zane also gave us a little teaser of an interaction that he heard about between his wife and his son. We recapped some of the audio from the Meatloaf/Gary Busey incident from Celebrity Apprentice this morning. Busey was also on Jay Leno's show recently and talked about what happened. He also did a little stand-up (used very lightly) and told some awful jokes. A 10 year old kid bought William "The Refrigerator" Perry's Super Bowl ring from a restaurant recently for $8,500. He then gave it back to The Fridge at an autograph signing session because he felt bad that he had fallen on tough times.

Hour 3

Monchichi had a bit of a rough morning today. He went to pick up breakfast, ran a red light and got in a car accident. We talked for a bit about Producer Joe's next stunt that will be coming up in a few weeks. He'll be heading to London the week of the royal wedding with the hopes to get in. Obviously, that will never happen, but that has not stopped people from emailing us to tell us he won't get in. Free Beer was on quite a roll this morning with word scrambles. He had them in three breaks in a row, which as far as we know it, is a world record. We focused on them for a little while this morning. Since we're so good at giving advice, a listener emailed us this morning to get our opinion on something. They wanted to know whether or not it was OK to go to a class reunion, with some very strange circumstances. Zane told us about how his wife has been torturing their son lately. She loves making him feel uncomfortable as evidenced by what she said to him yesterday that referenced sex.

Hour 4

Based on the previous segment, we took calls from listeners who have had similar experiences with their parents torturing them. We were pretty surprised at what some parents say to their kids! In today's FBHW Report, we talked about LeBron's mom being arrested again, Alan Iverson's "don't you know who I am" moment and Ben Roethlisberger's surprise morals. We closed the hour with another great Women's Forum. Thanks to all the women that participated!

Hour 5

We got a fussy email from a guy that was mad that we said that no good questions come from white guys for the Women's Forum. Despite being a fan of the show and listening all the time, he seemed to miss the joking nature of the comments. We decided that next week, we will have an all-black forum. Surprisingly, we have a ton of interest from people who want to be on the panel! We played some of the audio from American Idol last night. Everyone that watches the show seemed to be pissed about the person that was voted off last night. Check out the Video Reel for the Christian parody song to the tune of Rebecca Black's "Friday". You'll probably hate it just as much as the original! We closed the show by finally asking Hot Wings if he had a name for his child yet. We were planning on waiting until he brought it up, but it was apparent that was not going to happen. Still no name! Talk to you Monday morning!