Hour 1

Free Beer was in a bit of a haze this morning from some Nyquil he took last night. He said he hardly remembered the drive in to work. Zane tough-talked a union protestor yesterday while walking across the street from the radio station. The poor homeless dude was getting paid $20 a day to stand on the street corner with a sign and Zane verbally punched him in the face. This, of course, led to talk on the current state of unions. Free Beer's mother-in-law is in town. While they typically have a great relationship, there was a comment made about 10 minutes in to her visit that will probably have lasting effects.

Hour 2

We checked out the videos of the crazy sandstorms that blew through Kuwait last week. It reminded us of the scene in Independence Day when the spaceships first rolled in and it got super dark. Check that out in the Cool Links section. Jessica McClure, the girl who fell down the well when she was a little kid, is now 25 years old and has cashed in the trust fund that was set up when people were sending in donations for her. The trust fund had accumulated over $800,000 over the years! A father in California really hated his daughter's boyfriend, so he made up "Wanted" posters offering a reward for the kid's body. He's now locked up for suspicion of murder. Based on that story, we took calls from guys who were hated by their girlfriend's parents. We closed the hour with a list of six health tips for lazy people, which all seemed like common sense or complete BS.

Hour 3

A guy in Quebec was pulled over for going almost 140 in a 55 zone in his Dodge Neon. We took some calls from people about similar speeding tickets, urban legends and also debated whether or not the speeds listed in the story were in MPH or KPH. Based on a call that we got about a town weirdo from Nashville, we decided to switch gears and take calls from listeners about their town weirdos. Jose Canseco tried to switch places with his twin brother and have him fight a celebrity boxing match in his place. Promoters noticed that it wasn't Jose when his brother, Ozzie, took off his shirt and they noticed that he didn't have any of the tattoos that Jose has.

Hour 4

We watched a clip of the Olsen twins from when they were about five years old that is getting a bunch of buzz on the internet. It seemed to be incredibly racist to us. Check it out in the Video Reel and decide for yourself! In today's first FBHW Report, we talked about the Barry Bonds trial and his former mistress testifying today, as well as the light sentence given to Willie Nelson for pot possession by a judge. We checked out a study that said that 85% of women have admitted to flirting for some type of discount. We took a bunch of calls from both women AND men who all claimed to be great flirters, including Steve from Cape Cod who said he was the master flirter.

Hour 5

Steve from Cape Cod left a pretty big impression on some other listeners, so we replayed his call and took more calls from flirters in the next segment. In the second FBHW Report, we talked about how Charlie Sheen is declaring war on Denise Richards because she took his dogs, as well as a story about advertising that is targeted specifically towards prisoners. We ended the show by taking calls from people who wanted to anonymously reveal things that they did on Spring Break, but never told anybody. Talk to you Wednesday morning.