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Today On The FBHW Show – Nyquil Haze And A Dodge Neon Does 140
Hour 1
Free Beer was in a bit of a haze this morning from some Nyquil he took last night. He said he hardly remembered the drive in to work. Zane tough-talked a union protestor yesterday while walking across the street from the radio station. The poor homeless dude was getting paid $20 a day to stand…
Today On The FBHW Show -Chocolate Lasagna And Apple’s iPad 2
Hour 1
The effects of the Chocolate Lasagna incident from a few weeks ago are long-lasting. The investigation continued this morning to try and figure out who the culprit was. We reviewed the list of possibilities and eliminated a few more. We went over a list of the top earning celebrities from Forb…
Today On The FBHW Show- Hot Wings Shaved And Hot Wings vs. Zane
Hour 1
Hot Wings shaved the rest of his face last night and is now feeling the same embarrassment as Zane, Producer Joe and Steve have been for the past few weeks. He's not thrilled to be a member of Team Mustache. Check out the latest pictures on the Photos page. 2011 will hold the record for m…
Today On The FBHW Show:Meet Me For A Nooner Challenge
Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Hour 1
Apparently, Albert Pujols wants 30,000,000.00 for the next ten years of his career but no one thinks that will happen. As Zane was telling that story, Free Beer stole his thunder and it got all weird and awkward. Free Beer and Joe were the only ones in the world that …
Today On The FBHW Show: Facebook,Swan Deaths,Lindsay Lohan
Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Hour 1
Zane pointed out that people who post dumb statuses and pictures on Facebook suck; which is a very true statement. A story about some loser drug peddler who got caught was discussed. This man hid crack rocks in his foreskin. The Flashback was Human Limits Price is Ri…

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