Monday, February 7, 2011

Hour 1

We started the show off today talking about a minor television event that took place last night, the Super Bowl. Apparently, the attendance record wasn't broken because all the seats were not inspected by the fire marshal in time. Good planning. Free Beer and his wife watched the Other Guys last night and it apparently takes quite a random turn partway through the movie. This led to a discussion about TV shows that are frustrating because of their twists and turns.

Hour 2

By the result of the Super Bowl, Hot Wings is now a member of Team Mustache. Keep an eye on the photo album on the website to see his progress! Zane told us again about how he gets talked to in public about his mustache. It seems people still lose their sense of manners and HAVE to say how ugly it is. We watched some of the ads from the game last night. As usual, there were a lot of duds and some exceptions to that.

Hour 3

We played a new 911 call from some pothead wanting to ask a question about how much marijuana he can grow. Not surprisingly, cops were sent out and he was arrested. This gave us a good reason to replay an old 911 call where a couple thought they were dead after eating too many pot brownies. The Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2011 was announced over the weekend. Somehow, a guy named Chris Hanburger was good enough to make it. Who knew? We had a list of 5 strange things that predict your long term health. Hot Wings decided he was going to bust out a nugget of knowledge for everyone with zero basis. That has never happened before.

Hour 4

Zane found a news article that immediately debunked Hot Wings theory. The Super Bowl halftime show was a train wreck with the Black Eyed Peas. Not many people were impressed with Fergie's vocals. Terrible. We played the audio of the botched National Anthem by Christina Aguilera. How does anybody not know the words on that type of scale? Lindsay Lohan may be headed back to jail for stealing a $2,500 necklace. She claims it was on loan but the jewelry store begs to differ. A blind guy drove at Daytona International Speedway last week. Not only did he drive, but dodged obstacles and passed another blind guy!

Hour 5

We discussed the crazy transformation of Zane and his mustache again. It seems to grow a lot more over the weekend. Desmond Howard came out over the weekend and said he felt physically threatened by Phil Simms. Simms got all bent out of shape because Howard made a comment about college quarterback son while on TV. He challenged Howard to a fight. A blind guy e-mailed from Scotland taking offense from Zane. This gave us a good chance to re-live Eric Zane's knowledge of Wales. We watched some more of the Super Bowl ads and were rather indifferent. We finished the show by watching the classic halftime show from 1989's Super Bowl. It blew all other performances out of the water. See ya Tuesday!