Hour 1

The effects of the Chocolate Lasagna incident from a few weeks ago are long-lasting. The investigation continued this morning to try and figure out who the culprit was. We reviewed the list of possibilities and eliminated a few more. We went over a list of the top earning celebrities from Forbes. Oprah topped the list again, as well as the estate of Michael Jackson and the band AC/DC.

Hour 2

We talked a great deal this morning about the big story from the last few days, the Japan earthquake and tsunami. There are some crazy videos of both of the disasters including waves crashing and the massive whirlpool just off the coast. You can see them in the Video Reel. Zane had to dole out some punishment to his middle child this weekend. He realized that deactivating her cell phone was probably the most effective method of punishment ever! The price of gas has skyrocketed in the last week or so. We went over a list from MSNBC that gave ways to save money on gas, but most of them seemed like myths that would make no difference.

Hour 3

Apple's iPad 2 was released on Friday. Free Beer and his buddy happened to be going to an Apple store to pick up a new charger for a computer and were witnesses to a bunch of nerds that had lined up hours in advance to buy a device that is slightly upgraded from the previous version. We played the news story of a college student who stood in line for two days for an iPad and then sold her spot in line for $900! Did you know that you can rent sweet rims for your car? We went over a list of some of the dumbest things that people actually pay money to rent including rims, hand bags, iPhones and coffins! Free Beer was at the Big 10 tournament in Indianapolis over the weekend and had press credentials. He snapped a picture of a mascot without his mask on while in the locker room in the back and was scolded by a woman and forced to delete the photo from his phone!

Hour 4

Charlie Sheen is somehow still in the news. He announced on his internet "show" that he is taking his ramblings on the road and already has two dates booked. Both shows sold out in less than 20 minutes. Intern Monchichi realized halfway through the show that he had a four page paper due at 9:30 this morning for his class. He was scrambling all morning to try and type it up, even though he really could not tell us what the assignment actually was. In the FBHW Report, we played the audio of the CNBC reporter's comments on the economic and human toll of the earthquake and tsunami, as well as the just-released audio of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. We closed the hour with an update on Monchichi's paper and also went over a list of the 100 greatest comedies of all time with help from listeners.

Hour 5

We talked more about the Japan earthquake and tsunami later in the show. There's been another explosion at one of the nuclear plants and everyone is freaking out. Listener Wes called in to try and explain the effects of the explosion, but failed miserably at putting together a concise thought. Monchichi finally finished his paper a few minutes before he had to leave for class. We made him print out a copy for us and we critiqued it on the air. Needless to say, we're not too optimistic that his grade will be good or not. Zane told us how he really confused his dad this weekend. He was supposed to meet him at a restaurant and called to find out where he was. His dad was already in the restaurant as well, but could not understand the concept of not being able to find him. We closed the show with one of the most epic wormhole-cams to date. This thing went on forever! Talk to you Tuesday morning.