Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hour 1

Apparently, Albert Pujols wants 30,000,000.00 for the next ten years of his career but no one thinks that will happen. As Zane was telling that story, Free Beer stole his thunder and it got all weird and awkward. Free Beer and Joe were the only ones in the world that didn't know the Winklevoss twins were played by the same guy in The Social Network; one of the crew of The Eagle burned Channing Tatum's d-tip with boiling water while working on the film. We ended the hour with the flashback of Meet me for a Nooner Challenge.

Hour 2

We had more on the struggle that is: emails from Zane's dad. A caller brought up last nights Jeopardy with the two all time champions vs Watson the super computer. We talk about games like chess and risk (strategy games) and Zane described how he used to lose to his brother in risk. To make all right in the world he bought the game for his son and dominated him at it. It seems Tiger Woods was pissed and he spit on the green but it turns out a lot of people found it to be very disrespectful. The guys then discussed, and callers shared, The Least Desirable Women of 2011.

Hour 3

It seems there is a fetish to watch some chick named Gaining Gabi eat because she eats fast food and has orgasms. We had a Serene Branson update about her crazy stupid speak at the Grammy's and Zane had a huge fail with an audio bit. The last segment was 'How did you ruin Valentine's Day?' and was filled with a-hole callers who should shoot themselves in the face! It was awesome when George Takei called in and was so worth the c-sucker calls.

Hour 4

Part Two of 'How did you ruin Valentine's Day' started off the hour and it was awesome but it couldn't compete with part one. The FBHW Report was about Serene Branson's Auto-tune, Charlie Sheen calls into Dan Patrick, and Jeopardy having Watson compete with people. We ended the hour with callers telling us 'Something that you just learned' because Zane just learned what a muffin top was.

Hour 5

We continued with more emails and calls from people who had just learned something new. During the commercial break, Hot Wings did a stupid thing by repeating what Free Beer read without knowing that he did it. Femskins: What the hell are they? Apparently some dude has invented women's parts that are meant to be worn by men and the website features many, according to Zane, "hot guys". We ended the show replaying the two craziest calls from the ruined Valentine segment and what we learned. See you tomorrow!