Hour 1

Zane's mind was blown last night when he watched a documentary on space and the solar system. He came in this morning and told us that our galaxy was on a collision course with another. A man was arrested at a Wal Mart recently for placing nude photos of himself around the store and on cars in the parking lot. Talking about this made us wonder what went wrong in his life that made him start doing stuff like this. This led to talk about life changing moments for guys like BTK and kids that go psycho and kill their parents.

Hour 2

Our intern Dr. Stupid was in this morning. He was mocked early on for his dynamic speaking and quick answers. A new world record has been set by a woman in some third world country. She has become the world's youngest grandmother at the tender age of 23! This got us on the topic of world records for other things, like the world's youngest murderer. It was announced yesterday that Charlie Sheen was canned from Two and a Half Men. Not many people were surprised by this. We played some audio from a horse race that had a horse with the greatest name ever! Check out the video of that in the Video Reel. We also talked about 60 Minutes from last night where they followed around families that were on unemployment and living in hotels. They also featured some video of wild animals interacting with cameras that were strategically placed so they did not know they were there.

Hour 3

We played some audio of Charlie Sheen's latest UStream show and it was just as hard to listen to as all of the previous audio. In the video, he seemed to be a bit tired and it looked like he was running out of steam. We saw some of the new viral videos for Smart Water featuring Jennifer Aniston during the break. This got us on the topic of the "fart water" that used to pour from the tap at the Hot Wings residence. From this topic, a debate raged on about bottled water vs. non-bottled water. Based on a story we read about a millionaire who got busted for using a stolen credit card, we asked listeners to call in and tell us about the times they have stolen for fun

Hour 4

We got so many calls from people who stole for fun that it poured over in to a second segment. We were surprised that many of the calls we got were actually serious crimes! Listener Kelly called in and told us that we were hypocritical for making fun of certain things and defending others. She put up a good fight and in the end, we had to agree to disagree. We closed the hour with with a round of Hot Wings vs. Zane vs. Joe.

Hour 5

Free Beer got a self esteem punch in the gut yesterday while at a convenience store. The people in line in front of him were talking about how awful it must be to work in radio, obviously having no idea that's what Free Beer did. We weren't sure why they would think that working in radio sucked so bad, so we took some calls from people and asked them to explain it. We talked about a study that said that most parents are lying to themselves when they say that they get complete joy from their kids. In reality, kids do make parents happy, but not nearly the level of happiness that they may claim. We closed the show by giving an update on the guy that punched Snooki from Jersey Shore. He's joining the Army now because he can't find a job or a girl to date him. Remember, listen tomorrow morning for a special Wednesday edition of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $2,800 from our friends at Cat Footwear!