Hour 1

Hot Wings shaved the rest of his face last night and is now feeling the same embarrassment as Zane, Producer Joe and Steve have been for the past few weeks. He's not thrilled to be a member of Team Mustache. Check out the latest pictures on the Photos page. 2011 will hold the record for most movie sequels ever made. We went over a list of all of the sequels coming out this year. Somehow, during this segment, Zane admitted to cutting out a picture of the character Rapunzel and hanging it on his fridge with a note that reads "I'm dreaming of you". We all felt it was pretty weird that he has a crush on a 15 year old cartoon character.

Hour 2

We talked about a bunch of stuff during the CWTTAB segment, including the video game trailer for Dead Island. It is supposedly the most emotional trailer ever and it made Hot Wings and Zane really upset. Proving once again that adding Benny Hill music to anything makes it funny, Steve remixed the video with it and it worked like a charm. Check that out in the Show Videos section. We also checked out the videos of the female anchor calling out her male co-anchor for having small junk, and the MC Escher impossible waterfall video. You can find all of them in the Cool Links section.

Hour 3

We tried a new game this morning that was simply called Hot Wings vs. Zane vs. Joe. They each had to give band names with food or beverages in the title in a very short amount of time. Zane was dumbfounded when we all said that Limp Bizkit was pronounced Limp Biscuit and not with crazy emphasis on the Z. This debate raged on through the next break. Check out the Video Reel for the news story of the woman from Bensonhurst in Brooklyn who just bitched about everything. She's awful and you'll probably hate her.

Hour 4

Down the hall at our sister station, Andy and Chuck were having a rough morning. Andy accidentally spilled his cup of coffee on the board and it fried everything. He then tried to cover it up with mellow talk and bongo music. This reminded us of some audio that we had of other great "coffee on the board" disasters. In today's FBHW Report, we talked about Charlie Sheen calling in to the Dan Patrick show again, as well as the NYU professor's joke about Lara Logan's sexual assault. We finished the hour with a round of Dumber Than Zane Trivia, worth $1,600 from Cat Footwear.

Hour 5

Hot Wings told us today that his views on Justin Bieber are beginning to change. He originally hated him, but is now coming around because of his appearance on Chelsea Lately. Because of the enormous success of Hot Wings vs. Zane vs. Joe from earlier in the show, and the fact that the emails would not stop coming in with more band names, we played another version towards the end of the show. We closed the show with an interview with comedian Doug Stanhope to promote his upcoming Nashville gig. Talk to you tomorrow!