Hour 1

Zane watched the movie 2012 over the weekend. He now is officially the last person to know that this movie was the worst movie ever. We also discussed other movies that were a bit disappointing. Free Beer watched a couple of episodes of HBO's Real Sports over the weekend. One was on the Deadspin editor that broke the Brett Favre scandal earlier this year. The other was on Mike Tyson and his pigeon obsession.

Hour 2

We talked this morning about a VIP video that we shot on Friday that you can now see on the Videos page. It's titled Chocolate Lasagna. While talking about prime suspects to the disaster that is shown in this video, we mentioned the PD of the sister station, Jerry. He called in to defend himself and we believed him, so the search is still on for the guilty party. A black reporter broke up a fight between a black guy and a white guy while doing a news report live on the air. Afterward, he found out that the guy that he saved was a white supremacist! Last week, we went over a marital test that gave parameters for grading women in relationships. Check out the Cool Links section for the male equivalent, which we went over today.

Hour 3

Zane told us this morning about the latest incident in the youth hockey world. His wife and her friend were mooned at a game by a father from the opposing team! The real problem was that the rink had a bar attached to it and we suspected that this was probably the cause of many of these issues. Kirk Douglas presented an award at the Oscars last night. He had a stroke back in the mid 90's, so as you can imagine, his speech is not the best. We played the audio of him from last night and thought how odd it was that he was a presenter. He should probably just not accept those offers.

Hour 4

Zane bailed out on the Super Bowl mustache bet over the weekend. He came in this morning completely clean shaven, even though he was supposed to keep his mustache through Friday. His excuse was that his wife asked him to shave it for a communion photo that he had to be in with his daughter. Over the next hour, he was beaten down pretty mercilessly. It was decided that he would have to perform a stunt on Friday involving a bus stop and the shaven-off facial hair of Hot Wings, Producer Joe and Steve.

Hour 5

We talked more about the Oscars from last night on today's show. During this segment, we talked about how crappy all Randy Newman songs are and the segment ended with a Hot Wings/Zane sing-along to You've Got a Friend in Me. Producer Joe told us on Friday about an incident where his friend tried to skin a rabbit for seemingly no reason. We all thought he was an animal for this. Joe came in today and told us about yet ANOTHER incident that solidifies Ryan's animal status in our books. We closed the show by playing some Charlie Sheen audio from his appearance on the Today Show this morning. Talk to you on Tuesday!