MOBAs are a funny type of team game. If a team is cooperating very well, they are a formidable force. But, if a single person makes a big error, your entire team can fail. Because of this unique dynamic, many mean spirited, non thought provoking, and just plain idiotic phrases and sayings are uttered. Below you will find a list of some of the dumbest and most overused sayings in League of Legends.

The purpose of this article is to bring awareness to how dumb some people sound. It is purely for entertainment purposes, yet a few lessons could be learned. I promote both constructive criticism and clever insults. What I don't condone is saying the same crap over and over. Show the LoL community that you aren't a complete idiot and come up with some original insults!

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    Who cares!?

    It's used as a joke, as a threat, and as a way of confirming that you can indeed spell 'reported.' It really serves no purpose other than provoking the person you spoke it to. 'Reported' is thrown around way to much, it isn't clever and it almost surely will never result in swaying anyone to your point of view.

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    I'm a smurf

    If only we could tell that you were telling the truth... We assume you are not.

    This phrase is usually followed by let me play ___ and you will all get free elo. Chances are the summoner is lying. And, chances are someone on your team will also call the same role as the smurf. Not much you can do here other than sit back and watch the "smurf" flail around like an idiot as he tries to secure his desired role. If he isn't able he will most likely resort to saying another one of the sayings off this list.

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    Surrender at 20 / ff at 20

    It's 4 minutes into the damn game! Why must you give up now!

    This is a pet peeve for many summoners. It is extremely frustrating when someone is willing to give up well before the game is over. The game might still be close, but when you have 1 or 2 people on your team demanding that you surrender at 20, your chances of winning plummet. Please don't say this unless you are absolutely being destroyed. It will lower the morale of your team and will make a comeback much harder to pull off.

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    _________ or I feed

    Dodge... Dodge... Please, for the love of God... Dodge.

    When you get this little gem popping up in team select, you will hope for one of two things to happen. You hope that the summoner is actually good at his desired role, and that someone will let him have it. Or you hope that someone dodges. Usually, the latter is preferred. This type of phrase implies that the summoner in question has the temperament of an 8 month old baby with colic.

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    _________ has downs / My _________ is retarded

    Probably one the most offensive phrases you can say while playing LoL

    Is it possible that someone on your team is having a bad game? Do you think that uttering this phrase will accomplish anything other than that player muting you? If you say someone is mentally handicapped, they will be less inclined to help you for the rest of the game. I would go as far as to say, they might even enjoy your anger and frustration in the long run. Don't be surprised if the person who is using these phrases is mentally handicapped themselves.

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    That's why you ban _________

    We get it, that champion is stronger than most others.

    You hear this the most when referencing common bans such as Morgana, Nautilus, Shen, etc. It can come from a teammate that is angry that the champion is being played well by the enemy team. And, the enemy champion can use the phrase as a taunt to your team in all chat. Or, your crappy teammate can use it as an excuse for his/her poor play.

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    Dat / That _________

    Why did this become popular to say?

    Dat Cait... Dat Blitz grab... That Janna ult... It's one of the most pointless things you can say while playing League of Legends. It doesn't explain to the person what they did wrong. It won't encourage a player to try harder. All it serves to do is aggravate a teammate and can cause others on your team to start ridiculing as well. And to make matters worse, you are referencing a Rich Boy meme... Really, this is what your life has come to?