If only you could hear your opponents blood curdling screams of rage as you effortlessly slide between brush, narrowly escaping your pursuers. We all love the sweet sweet sounds of an enemies rage, and this post is full of that rage that we all have come to know and love. So, sit back and enjoy 'The 10 Most Epic Escapes In League Of Legends.'

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    Le Blanc, Is She French? She Does Like To Run.

    Let's kick it off with one of the most disorienting champions in League of Legends. Le Blanc is the queen of jukes. Check out some epic evasion in the first video of The 10 Most Epic Escapes In League of Legends. (Note: This video was made before the recent Le Blanc changes, making her elusiveness even more epic now.)

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    That Woman Is Made Of Ginger Bread!

    Want to pub stomp like a boss? Buy Akali on a smurf account and go nuts. Players don't seem to understand that she can dash and stealth with relative ease. As you will read later on, you really need to grab a pink ward to deal with her effectively.

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    Must... Chase... Lee...

    This is the first time Lee appears on the list, but it won't be his last. Lee's kit screams evasiveness, every ability he has allows him to kite like a boss. A lesson you can learn, is even when all looks lost, try to help a Lee... he might just be able to escape with his head.

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    It's Just As Bad As Chasing Singed

    In the brush, out of the brush, in the brush, out of the brush. RAWWWRRRRR!!!!! Chasing a Nidalee is one of the most frustrating and futile actions you can commit to in League of Legends. Let this video teach you to never chase Nidalee.

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    If You Weren't Such A Fox... I'd Kill You.

    After dashing into a stun and seconds later dashing into the opposing AD carry and being almost two shot... Ahri is able to kite the enemy team until her ultimate comes back off cooldown. Last second dings and help from her team is what allows this fox to slip away.

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    LAZERED! Wait... WTH!?

    In case you didn't know, Shaco's ultimate makes him invulnerable for a split second. And in the famous words of Riot... "This will seperate a good Shaco player from a Great Shaco player." (Not sure if I quoted that completely correct, but you get the idea.)

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    That Trixie Monkey

    Wukong's kit definitely makes him a very tricky monkey. That becomes quite obvious as he eludes an entire enemy team. Poor Panth, nothing is more frustrating than blowing cooldowns on a clone.

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    This Is Why You Buy Pink Wards

    Quick tip for mid lane players... If you are up against an Akali, grab a pink ward. Although, even with a pink ward that crazy ninja can bounce all over the place.

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    Turtles And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!

    Dat Udyr, so crazy, so brave. When sufficiently fed, you can't 1v1 him, you can't run from him, and you can't chase him. We all know the power of a good Udyr player, and that is just what is illustrated here.

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    The Jukes! THE JUKES!

    This is quite possibly the most famous LoL escape video on the internet. Just imagine the rage that the enemy team is feeling... Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Playing Lee Sin in this clip is oRb Link.

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    And Just For Good Measure... The Master Escape Artist.

    One of the first things a summoner should learn when playing League of Legends is DON'T CHASE OR FOCUS SINGED! Now that you know that little pearl of wisdom, check out Singed being a general badass and baiting entire teams to their deaths.

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