Bugs occur in every piece of computer software, and League of Legends is no exception. With that being said, League of Legends is pretty good at quickly identifying and correcting problems that arise. I have been playing LoL for over 2 years and have only come across a handful of bugs (well, that was before the last patch. WTF was up with that Riot?)

If I missed any really good bugs, please link the video in the comments and I will add it to the list. These bugs/exploits are not in any specific order.

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  • Heimerdinger's Turret Exploit

    This is quite possibly the best bug/exploit I have seen in LoL. Heimerdinger used to be able to position his turrets and himself in such a way that it prevented the center lane minions from spawning. The result was a horde of minions rushing down the center lane. Reminds you of a Zerg rush kinda...

  • Karthus God Mode

    This bug has happened several different times in several different iterations. Karthus' passive has always been a little bit buggy, causing weird interactions with other champions abilities. This specific bug was from over 2 years ago and was caught by ColbyCheeze. Karthus has also had bugs from interactions with Yorick and Mordekaiser's ultimates.

  • Yorick Zombie Mode

    This guy didn't realize the power that he was weilding until it was too late. If he would have realized his invincibility early, he may have saved the game for his team. Yorick has been one of the buggiest champs ever released. He has had several issues when his ultimate would not function properly, a few of these bugs even caused the entire game to crash for all 10 players.

  • Poppy Finds A New Pet

    Poppy: Awwww it's soooo cute! Can I keep him?
    Riot: No! That's a bad Poppy!

    This exploit worked for any champion that had an ability that would displace an enemy (Poppy, Blitz, Alit, etc.) It is an extremely old exploit and was quickly fixed. This bug also worked on Dragon.

  • Jax Kirbys Pantheon's Ultimate

    Strange things don't always happen to GuardsmanBob, but when they do... This is an example of teleport bugging out when a projectile hits the target the exact moment the spell stops channeling. In this case, Jax was the projectile.

  • Splashing In The Fountain

    Cleanse and Quicksilver Sash used to do some pretty neat things when used during an ability that has a channel. Want to instacast a Fiddle ultimate? Or how about skipping the channel time on teleport? Or how about use a Skarner ultimate, then skip the channel time on teleport, and pull your enemy into your fountain? Well for a short amount of time you could do so :P

  • Blitz Can Tickle Through Portals

    Teleport has been one of the most interesting summoner spells as far as bugs and unintended results. In the clip above, Blitz lands a grab on Poppy at the exact moment that teleport ends. Since Blitz's grab counts as a projectile it attempts to follow Poppy to the the destination he teleported to.

  • Heimer Is A Traitor!

    Don't you dare even think about using an ability that summons terrain near a Heimer turret! Don't. You. Dare! Or else what you ask? Well, how about HEIMER KILLS YOU! It's true! When you cast an ability that creates terrain, the terrain does one point of true damage to surrounding targets. This was intended to give you tower aggro if using the ability under a tower. A side effect of this was it did one point of damage to Heimer's turrets, therefore giving you aggro off his turrets. I think I explained this right, please correct me if I am wrong.

  • That Cow Kicked Your Ass To A New Dimension

    Can you hit someone with such force that they cease to exist on this plane of reality? No? Well apparently Alistar can, and he does just that in the clip above.

  • 6v6 Twisted Treeline

    As to my understanding, you can no longer run a 6v6. As soon as it was made public that this was possible, Riot began efforts to remove it. Why they couldn't have a 6v6 mode is beyond me, it seems like it would be fun.

  • He Yoinked It!

    What happens when the timing of your Blitz grab corresponds directly Baron's spawn timer...? Great fun and an easy baron for the purple team! Thank you to TrickShop on Reddit for submitting this bug video.

  • That Faberge Egg Sure Can Kick Some Ass

    What came first, the chicken or the egg? I say neither! A cryo-phoenix egg came first... and then proceeded to kick some serious ass. Thank you to Ephox on Reddit for submitting this bug video.

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