Not all of us can say we played this game from beta (me being one such person). In fact, the majority of the game's growth didn't come about until last year. Because of this, many people never got the chance to enjoy some of the broken mechanics that made this game one of the most raged at titles of all time. Let's take that trip down memory lane, and check out 10 old mechanics from League of Legends!

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    Gangplank's Deny Mechanic

    If you ever played DotA then you know exactly what it is to deny your opponent. For those of you who haven't played DotA, denying is killing your own creeps before the enemy hero can last hit it for gold. For some odd reason, only one champion in LoL had the power to deny. And that champion was Gangplank with his Raise Moral ability (E). In order to use the ability you were required to kill an allied minion or summoned pet. Thus, Denyplank was born. By killing your own minions you deny your lane opponent gold and experience. Check out the video below, and take notes on how to be an asshole...

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    Sunfire Cape Stacking

    Yes, they stacked... This was a sad time for League of Legends. It was not uncommon to see half of the players in a game stacking Sunfire Capes. It seemed like this problem went on forever too. Imagine a stealth champ running circles around your team with several Sunfire Capes burning down your squishies... Actually, screw imaging that, just watch the video below.

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    Morgana' Black Shield OP

    One of the most frustrating things in this game is landing a perfectly placed skill shot just to have Morg shield your target moments before the ability hits. Imagine if her shield removed all debuffs in addition to making the target spell immune. Well, it did. Pop that shield on your stunned carry, and now that carry is cleansed of cc and has spell immunity. Morg was a beast of an AP carry and had arguably the best support spell in the game. Black Shield has since been nerfed to it's current rendition. Morgana is still continually a ban/pick in solo queue.

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    That Sure Is A Lot Of Bush

    Early on in League of Legends, the brush layout was a little different. And by different, I mean much more prevalent. And by much more prevalent, I mean friggin insane. Just look at the brush layout!

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    Ezreal's OP Heal

    Recently Morello made the statement: "that was the day Riot games learned the cost of putting out-of-class abilities ... on classes that didn't have access to it." That was referring to Sona's AOE CC ultimate. But I think they learned that lesson when they released Ezreal. His entire kit was full of out-of-class abilities at the time. Ezreal was a true jack of all trades. He had a heal on an AD carry and he could also be played as a hybrid or straight AP.

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    Innervating Locket

    If you didn't have a chance to experience this item, then you never had a chance to experience an invincible Udyr. Every ability you used caused locket to proc for a heal and some mana restoration. After several nerfs the item was eventually removed. The following music video was made with Udyr as a result...

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    Twisted Fate - Really Broken

    WTF!? When did this ever seem like it was a good idea? Let's take a summoner spell, buff it, then make it an ability that can be learned at level 1. Real terror TF from beta...

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    Mana Burn

    Yes, at one time there was such a thing as mana burn in League of Legends. Wit's End was/is an anti-AP item, but the mechanics of the weapon have changed drastically in recent times. Currently Wit's End stacks MR the more you attack. Originally the item burned off 40 mana per attack on the target. In theory you would target a mage and burn off their mana pool. In practice the Wit's End would be used to burn off all of the tank's mana pool since tanks don't stack mana. Needless to say, this mechanic was found to be a little OP. The item was originally intended to be anti-mage, but it instead was used to starve tanks of mana. Riot decided that this needed to end, and then the new Wit's End was born.

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    Dat Flash

    Dat flash... It's gone through several different renditions since the beginning of LoL. First it had a range of about half a screen and popped projectiles. Then they removed the projectile popping mechanic. And finally they nerfed the range to where it is now. Back in the day you used to be able to pull off flash combos like in the video below.

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    Stacking Gold Per 10 Items

    MEGA SUSTAIN SUPER BORING GOLD FARMING TOP LANES FTW!!! Watch the video below of Pros vs Riot. Look at the GP/10 items on the pros. That is why they made the passive unique. Although, I do miss multi-philo Poppy and HoG stacking J4.

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