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Jackie Gets Creative With New Promos
The other day I got a little restless at work and told Steve The Web Guy that I was sick of all my promos! You've all heard it, "There's a party in my pants and I'm invited" same promo everyday, so I decided to make some new ones! I decided to channel my inner geek and used a clip of Annie…
Grand Rapids League Of Legends Streamers
Being the huge League of Legends fan that I am, I wanted to give back a little to our local community of LoL players.  That being said, I present League of Legends streams originating exclusively from Grand Rapids!
The Top 10 Best Dances In League Of Legends
League of Legends, like many other online games, included the "/d" functionality. And just like in other games, most of the dances have a original source. The more dances that you can identify the better idea you get of exactly what Riot staffers are into...

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