League of Legends is a fun experience that can enjoyed by people of all ages. And because of that, you get to play with the occasional person who acts like a 4-year-old. This player may be anywhere between the ages of 12 and 21, but his demeanor indicates otherwise. I have nothing against a younger player, I just hate when they have the same maturity level as my 6-year-old cousin. Below are some common traits that the child-like player will display.

  • Flickr / srs0001
    Flickr / srs0001

    The Player Uses Bro Speak

    The bro speak trait doesn't always mean that the player is 13. It just makes them sound like they are either currently pledging a fraternity, or they're actually a 13-year-old. Riot has even gone as far as to make the Brolaf skin to commemorate these players.

    Common "Bro Speak" phrases:

    "Come at me bro!"
    "U mad bro?"
    "Broseph" - Using this term is often considered clever by bro speakers.

  • Flickr / peapodsquadmom
    Flickr / peapodsquadmom

    The Player Will Constantly Challenge People To A 1v1

    "1v1 me at dragon you noob!" - This is a common phrase at elo's of 1500 and below. Not only does a 1v1 mean almost nothing in a team game. But some champions are far superior at 1v1's then others. So what is the point? The answer to that is easy my friends! It's so that the little 11-year-old can puff out his chest and continue to show that he is in fact the best player on both teams. After the child's team starts to lose, the 1v1 challenge is usually a last ditch effort to show superiority over his teammates and enemies.

  • Flickr / Alesist
    Flickr / Alesist

    The Player Says He Will Feed Unless He Plays "Champion X"

    This is probably my favorite way to tell that you are playing with a child. There's nothing more telling of someone's age then when they demand something and threaten a hissy-fit if they don't get it. When a player demands that he play 'champion x'... It reminds me of when I was in elementary school and the kid sitting next to me got a brand new set of markers and demands that he should be able to do all his schoolwork with his new red Crayola! Just saying... you sound like you are 8. Children usually display this trait when they first notice that they are the last pick on their team.

  • Flickr / BryanAlexander
    Flickr / BryanAlexander

    After Every Death The Player Cites Lag As The Cause

    This one is pretty self explanatory. Player dies, says "lag." Player dies again, "lag." DUDE! It's not lag, you just don't want to take responsibility for your actions! I will admit, I don't always blame myself for a death. But I do admit when I am playing poorly. It's not lag, you are a child.

  • Flickr / PopCultureGeek.com
    Flickr / PopCultureGeek.com

    The Player Will Say He Is On A Smurf Account

    This trait can often precede the "I will feed unless I play Champion X" tactic. That is because in the mind of a 13-year-old this tactic makes perfect sense. If you can convince your team that you are actually a much higher elo, chances are they will let you play whatever you want. But if the child gets called out, he/she will often revert to the threatening to feed tactic.

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