First, I'll give you a little background on myself. My name in game is Slaynatic and I was a low silver level player for the first season. I have about 500 normal wins and 500 ranked wins.

This blog is not meant to discourage people from playing new champs, it is meant to inform people that in ranked you shouldn't play a champion that you aren't familiar with.

Enjoy the top 10 most poorly played champions in League of Legends!

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    The Animal Spirit

    Udyr is currently one of the best champions in the game. He is able to be so dominant by fulfilling almost any and every role on your team. To add to his bag of tricks, he is both viable in the jungle and in lane. It is really hard to do poorly with Udyr, yet people still find a way to do so. I have seen Udyr get executed in jungle, and I have seen Udyr lose top lane to Tryndamere. "How!?" I asked myself as I QQ'd. Below is an example as to how not to play Udyr...
    To play Udyr correctly, check out The Rain Man's guide for lane Udyr, or guywithglasses' guide for jungle Udyr.

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    The Sad Mummy

    When The Sad Mummy does bad, it makes everyone die a little inside. Amumu is a strong tank and a superb late game champ, so when he does poorly it is a huge detriment to your team. First off, if a Mumu wants to go bot lane, then this could be a tell tale sign that you have a bad mummy. Secondly, if he takes bandage toss as his first spell and wastes all his mana at level one grabbing minions and whiffing his bandage right past enemy champions... you have a bad mummy. Amumu is a jungler 99% of the time so if you can't jungle with him, you probably shouldn't play him. Below is a bad mumu diving a vlad.
    For proper play of Amumu look at DanDinh's jungle guide.

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    The Prodigal Explorer

    If you can't hit skill shots... Don't play Ezreal! This is an example of how to miss skill shots like a BOSS!
    Chances are you will never be able to play Ezreal the way Candy Panda or Chauster play them, but you can try...

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    Lee Sin

    The Blind Monk

    The Blind Monk is currently a FOTM and considered to be an OP champ, so don't screw him up! Lee Sin's ability makes him a high mobility champion, and if you can't take advantage of that, don't play him! If you can't land his q, or use his w to jump walls then he isn't the champion for you. Check out the correct way to play Lee Sin...
    Sycho Sid knows how to play Lee Sin, click here to learn how to lane with The Blind Monk and for lane Lee Sin click here

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    The Storm's Fury

    When played well, Janna can save an entire team and reset a team fight that has gone wrong. When played poorly, Janna can help enemies escape and get your team wiped. Janna comes in at #6 as the most poorly played champions. Out of all of the supports, Janna has the most CC and the most disruption ability, so learn how to use it before you play her! To learn how to ult with Janna like a "bwas" watch this.
    If you are looking to play Janna correctly you might want to check out this support build. She can also be played as an AP, but that is more difficult, work on getting that ulti down first then try her as an AP.

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    The Harbinger of Doom

    Just because in the game before this, a Fiddlesticks tower dove with you an ultimate, doesn't mean you can do it too... Fiddle can be very dominate in lane and out of the jungle, so it just kills me inside when I come across a bad one :/ Fiddle has one of the highest sustains out of any caster, but at the same time is the most squishy of all the casters. So when you are attempting to do something similar to the video below... DRAIN SOMETHING OR YOU WILL DIE!
    Learn to CAW CAW CAW out the jungle with this guide. And, if you want to lane Fiddle... well check out this guide.

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    The Demon Jester

    Shaco has been becoming more popular in the silver elo range as of late. I see him popping up more and more. This has resulted in QQ... because of both good and bad Shacos. If you play Shaco, you SHOULD be ganking early and often, you SHOULD be using JITBs to ward and disrupt the enemies jungle, and you SHOULD know how to be able to take advantage of your passive. Chances are if you're on my team you don't, and if you're on the enemy team you do. Check out the video below for a pretty funny fail gank attempt and a hell of a Nid spear to waste a Shaco.
    Click here to learn some of Shaco's tricks!

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    The Cryophoenix

    Anivia, if played right, can be one of the most disruptive forces in solo queue draft mode. A well placed wall can win a team fight or protect a retreat. A poorly placed wall can mean an ace on your team. She is one of the harder mages to play, so pick this champ if you know how to play her. Don't EVER pick Anivia if your team needs a mage and YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PLAY HER! Watch a pro play Anivia below, and QQ at how much better he is than you will ever be :)
    For a real guide to Anivia, check out this guide from Tiumus.

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    The Minotaur

    Oh Alistar, Alistar, Alistar. I love the cow, so when I see him played poorly, it makes me very sad. This champ is probably the best bottom lane support in the game if played correctly. He can protect your carry like a baws with 2 forms of cc. In addition to the knock up and knock back he brings sustain to the lane with a spamable heal. You need to be able to land your Q, W combo if you want to play Alistar. You need to know when to headbutt if you want to play Ali. So please don't play Ali if you have done something similar to the video below...
    If you want to go do a little roaming with Alistar, check out TheRainMan's guide. And if you want to go balls to the wall AP carry cow read BigFatLP's guide

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    The Great Steam Golem

    Did you just grab the carry or the tank? If you answered the tank, then you probably shouldn't play blitz. One of the most frustrating things is when you get a Blitzcrank on your team that can't grab the right target. Cries of "OH NOES!!" ring across your team when you watch Blitz pull Alistar directly into the middle of your team. Blitzcrank can single handedly win you the game or grab the other teams tank and cause your team to be aced... which Blitz are you?
    Learn to play blitz like a champ and read Doublelift's Blitzcrank guide.