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Ability History


Corki was introduced into the League of Legends in the beta.  He was the 36th champion to join the league.  The lead designer was Coronach.

Corki was introduced as a range AD carry.  His only skill to scale off of AD was Gatling Gun, and it was based on a percentage of his total attack damage.  Gatling Gun's damage did 40% of his total attack damage twice a second in cone in front of him.  That was quickly nerfed and later reworked to have a set base damage with additional AD scaling.

Phosphorous bomb was a very unique ability once.  Not only did it reveal stealth units (this includes wards and traps), it also gave a 50% chance to miss debuff (this was the only partial blind to exist in League of Legends.)  Eventually Phosphorous Bomb lost it's ability to reveal stealth and it's blind mechanic.

AP Corki was once much more popular than he is today.  Missile Barrage, Corki's ultimate, originally only scaled from AP.  In addition to that, his Valkyrie had an AP ratio of 0.8 on release.  The Valkyrie ratio was quickly nerfed and AD was added to Missile Barrage.  After the addition of AD to Missile Barrage, it was slowly nerfed over several patches to where it is today.

TLDR?  Just listen then:

Corki Final <- Download Link



A - September 19, 2009 - V0.9.25.21

  • Corki introduced to The League of Legends!  Happy Cakeday Corki?
  • He enters The League as an AD carry, but is quickly realized to also function as a mage.  This was due to three of his four abilities scaling from AP (it was common for AD carries abilities to scale from AP at the time. Note all of Tristana's abilities, Sivir's Boomerang scaling, and Ashe's ultimate scaling from AP.)

B - October 1, 2009 - V0.9.25.24

  • Corki is nerfed across all 4 abilities along with his base stats.
  • Corki's Phosphorous Bomb used to reduce enemies chance to hit by 50% for 4 seconds (This was the only ability that acted as a partial blind.  Teemo and Heimerdinger are now the only champions with a blind ability.) Corki's Phosphorous Bomb was nerfed to a 30% chance to hit.

C - December 2, 2009 - V1.0.0.61 & December 17, 2009 - V1.0.0.63

  • All of Corki's abilities are nerfed, including a nerf to the duration of Phosphorous Bomb.

D - September 8, 2010 - V1.0.0.100 & October 19, 2010 - V1.0.0.103

  • All of Corki's abilities are buffed.
  • Corki's attack range is buffed from his original range of 500 to 550, he also receives a % per level attack speed increase.

E - November 2, 2010 - V1.0.0.104 & November 16, 2010 - V1.0.0.105

  • Corki is buffed and AD scaling is added to his ultimate.
  • Corki's ultimate is nerfed the following patch.

F - December 1st, 2010 - V1.0.0.106

  • Corki's movement speed is buffed.
  • Corki's Phosphorous Bomb no longer reveals stealthed units.

G - July 26th, 2011 - V1.0.0.122

  • Corki receives a slight nerf.
  • Corki's Phosphorous Bomb no longer blinds.

H - October 19, 2011 - V1.0.0.127

  • Corki's Gatling Gun is reworked to be base damage as opposed to % damage (Which seemed to hard to balance due to constant changing of the %.)

I - November 15, 2011 - V1.0.0.129

  • Corki receives a slight buff.
  • This is the last time an adjustment was made to Corki.

Corki And The Meta

Corki has been a strong choice as an AD carry for most of the history of LoL.  During the AD carry mid meta, he was a viable choice due to his long range escape and high burst potential.  Corki's viability fell off as the dual AP meta began to dominate the scene.  During this time, it wasn't horribly uncommon to see an AP Corki, even though he did function much better as an AD carry.

In the current meta, Corki has proven to be near the top of his class.  His passive true damage and the armor shred of his Gatling Gun make him excellent at shredding through any enemy that gets near him.  Corki's resurgence of popularity was due in part to several high level players using him in recent tournaments.


Corki's Champion Spotlight

Examples of Corki's Old Phosphorous Bomb Ability

A Look At AP Corki

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Another Example of a Funny Corki Bug


If you are looking to play Corki to the best of your ability, look no further...

Fan Art

And to conclude this weeks Champology 101, I leave you with some excellent Corki fan art from DeviantArt.com.

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Champology 101 can be heard on LoLPod, the best League of Legends podcast on the net!  You can find out more about LoLPod on their website.

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