Saturday night, after Grand Rapids On Tap, I went to the Intersection to check out a great band from Scottish-based rock band The Temperance Movement. These guys visited us last year for an acoustic set, and a show at the Tip Top. I didn't get to see that show, so I was determined to check out this one.

They're a great band, sort of a classic rock, mixed with blues rock and like a gospel feel that's really cool. Check out the videos and enjoy!

They have a great song called "Take It Back" we play, and also have a new album called "White Bear" that came out on Friday, July 15th! Go get it, it's really cool.

While there wasn't a huge crowd at the Stache to see these guys play, they still rocked their set, and had a fun time. Everyone there knew the songs, and were singing along with the band, and then hung out with them after the show, talking about the music and whatever else.

Really nice guys who spent a lot of time with the crowd, and a really good set! Next time they come through town, you should go check out The Temperance Movement!