Wednesday night, Bleeker came down from Canada with Beware of Darkness for a fun show at the Stache. Both bands had a great time, and the people that came out enjoyed the show!

Beware of Darkness took to the stage first, playing some new songs, and some songs they've toured before, and did some cool jams. The guitar and bass solos were pretty cool...the bass player, John, has a bass with  fretless section of the neck, so he can do some cool sliding solos.

The whole band is really good, and you should check them out the next time they come through town.

Then, Canadians Bleeker hit the stage, with energy and smiles. These guys are really having a good time, and want the crowd to have fun, too. At one point, during the song "Sleep", the singer had the crowd sitting on the floor like a camp circle, and was having people sing the song with him. It was a pretty cool moment.

A really fun band, Bleeker sounded great, and play songs with lots of different feel to them. Check them out.

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