RavenEye, a young band from the UK, stopped in Grand Rapids Thursday night for their first show ever here, and the first stop on the tour of the US. They visited us here at GRD earlier in the day, to talk with Janna, and play a song acoustic for us. Then, they hit the Stache for a great show with Coldville, and Product of Society.

Sadly, I missed Product of Society, but got there in time to see Coldville. Good band, and they're currently in the midst of recording, their new stuff hopefully coming out toward the end of this year.

Then, after a super quick changeover, RavenEye hit the stage. Using rental gear, they still sounded fantastic, and they guys play with a lot of energy. Oli and Aaron jumped into the crowd several times, interacting with the people there, and having fun.

Once, Oli climbed onto Aaron's shoulders and soloed while Aaron carried him around the crowd, still playing bass. Until they moved for the dismount, and they both went facedown on the floor. Not hard enough that anyone got hurt, but it was a funny moment, that both of them laughed and joked about.

The vocals harmonies during the songs are very cool, and if you like heavy blues rock, this is definitely a band you should check out. Next time they come through town, go see them. Great band.

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