Thursday before their show at The Stache British rockers RavenEye stopped by the WGRD studios to talk about being back in the U.S., the tour they just finished with KISS, and to play some live music for us! 

The guys had just arrived to the U.S. a couple days before. They landed in Chicago and then they actually spent a bit of time in South Haven, my hometown, before heading to GR. We chatted a bit about how they discovered Lake Michigan kind of by accident and how they ate a restaurant I've been to probably a million times (and love! Everybody loves Clementine's!)

RavenEye played us their new song "Come With Me" from their debut album "Nova". They just released a music video for the single that features clips of their recent tour with KISS. You can watch that below.

It was great to meet the guys and awesome to hear them perform! Get to the Stache tonight to check out these excellent musicians! They'll be joined by some local bands too: Coldville, and Product of Society.

Lots of thanks to RavenEye for stopping by and hanging out with us!

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