Friday night, Radkey rocked the Stache with a fun show. For three young guys, one of whom had the sharpie "M" for minor on his hand, they have quite a bit of experience playing live. And they brought it to Grand Rapids.

A quick bit about the band: they're three brothers from Missouri, Isaiah (bass), Solomon (drums), and Dee Radke (guitar and vocals). Dee may not have been the only one with the minor mark on his hand.

They formed the band in 2010, and played their first show in 2011. They've put out a couple EPs, Cat & Mouse, and Devil Fruit, before releasing their debut album Dark Black Makeup, which has been re-released as the album Delicious Rock Noise by Another Century records.

You've probably heard the song "Dark Black Makeup" on GRD. Cool song.

Everyone in the club was really int the set, and had a great time. Lots of energy, and the band is really good. They even ended their set with a cover of the "Teen Titans" theme song.


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