We love the Intersection! They have a bunch of great shows, they're cool people, and they love to rock! So to hear that they're adding more rooms for shows is freaking awesome to hear. The venue on Grandville is adding two more concert rooms downstairs.

Didn't know they had a downstairs? Neither did I! Apparently there's indoor batting practice down there.

But there's a huge downstairs space, that's getting turned into TWO MORE show rooms.

One will be a smaller venue, for about 200 people, with a bar.

The other will be about a 900 person room, with a bar.

There will be dressing rooms, stairways from the main venue down, and even its own entrance on Cherry street to get in. So many more shows can all happen at the same time there, as the floor of the Intersection is a thick cement floor, since the place used to be a trucking facility. Just like you can't really hear when shows are in both rooms, you'll be separated from the sound in all the rooms.

We're really looking to more shows at the Intersection, and checking out these new rooms!

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