So, over the past month, I've been writing about some of the Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween you can watch. Some of them were shot in our state, some have their story based here. Not all of them are actually available for streaming on demand, sadly, or there would be more blogs, but I tried to watch all of the ones I could get to.

Here's the complete list I was working from, and where you can get them (if at all), so you can watch them and enjoy some Michigan horror.

Some, like Monster: Dark Continent, were totally mislabeled, and aren't horror at all...and in the case of Monsters, is a really freaking terrible movie. Bypass that one, for sure. Hostel III isn't that great, nor is Jingles the Clown.

Jinn is pretty good, Cyrus is okay, mostly because of Lance Henriksen, Don't Breathe is very cool, both Evil Deads freaking rule, and Playback is cool because it was filmed around here.

The ones that are DVD only make me sad, since I couldn't watch them. I really wanted to see The Chaos Experiment, since that was also filmed here in Grand Rapids.

Get online tonight after handing out candy, click on one of these movies, and enjoy some scares for your Halloween!