The classic film "Smokey and the Bandit" from 1977 is a real moment in time. The story is about a truck driver, a hitchhiker, and Burt Reynolds being chased by Sheriff Buford T. Justice from Texas to Georgia as they transported a truckload...full of Coors beer. At the time, selling Coors east of the Mississippi River was illegal.



The entire premise is pretty bombastic, and as a result, it has sustained a pretty healthy cult following 47 years later. So much so, a caravan of over 100 Trans Am owners have made their way to Michigan to drive like Bo "Bandit" Darville did back in the day.


What is the "Bandit Run"?

The premise of the "Bandit Run" is pretty straightforward. Since 2007, a group of over 100 Trans Am owners, the car that Bandit drove during his famous drive across the US, get together to drive through various states nationwide each year.


From June 9th to June 13th, the Bandit Run crew went from Holland to Cheboygan/Mackinaw City and ended in Pontiac. Upon arriving to Cheybogan, the group had a car show where they did a special showing of the movie at the Cheboygan Opera House and held a can drive for charity.



This was the first time the group visited Michigan, traveling over 700 miles around the State. You can view photos from the trip on the Bandit Run Facebook page.


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