Last night, I watched (or I should say, rewatched) a movie for Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween that was shot right here in Grand Rapids! It's called Playback, and featured (but not stars) Christian Slater as a cop/perv, in this decent but not amazing horror movie.

He doesn't have a huge role in the film, but does a great job of being super creepy and pervy, while at the same time being a cop. Seems like a skill that's not in super high demand, but hey, next time this role comes up, you know who to call, right?

The story is fine: dude murders his whole family except a baby, 15 years passes, and of course a high school doofus wants to make a movie about the murders in his town. Said doofus knows another doofus who works at a TV station, and tries to get the news footage of the crime scene, which leads dork #2 to watch the video first, and get possessed by the evil spirit of the murderer.

How, you ask?

Well, the murderer was the descendent of the guy who made the first ever movie (debatably), Louis Le Prince. The backstory goes that Mr. Le Prince believed that if a photo could steal part of your soul, then a movie could take the whole damn thing. (There's even a joke made about Louis being the Devil: Louis (Lucifer) le Prince (of Darkness)).

The film was shot around Grand Rapids, featuring East GR, and lots of scenes in the high school, which was Lowell High School. See if you can find places you recognize in the movie, and maybe if you went to Lowell, you'll see your locker or a class you were in!

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