Last night, the night before Halloween, I finally decided to watch one of the Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween I'd been putting off. It's a cutesy vampire spoof with Alicia Silverstone, and Kristin Ritter (Jessica Jones), and I knew it wouldn't be scary. It's not, but it is a fun little vampire comedy.

It was filmed in Detroit, with a lot of parts in the Detroit Masonic Temple, where quite a few movies are shot.

It's cute, with Alicia Silverstone being a vampire from 1841 who's befriended Kristen Ritter, a vampire from the 1980s. They are best friends, and go clubbing and sleeping with random dudes. Oh, and they also only drink blood from rats. No people.

There are lots of funny scenes where they stick straws into rats and drink their blood, including the "empty glass sound", which is funny.

The movie also features Sigourney Weaver as their "stem", or the vampire that created them. Malcolm McDowell plays Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler, who's also off of drinking from people.

Lots of silly things happen, including Kristen dating a Van Helsing, the girls being summoned for jury duty, IRS audits, and the scene below, where Sigourney Weaver eats a lot of Chinese for dinner. It's a fun movie, but totally not scary. You will enjoy it, anyway.