This next Michigan Horror Movie for Halloween is a tricky one, in a few ways. First off, it has different names, either "The Chaos Experiment", or "The Steam Experiment". Second, you can't stream the damn thing to be able to watch it. If you have Netflix DVD delivery, you can get it.

I really want to see it, since it was filmed just down the street here in Grand Rapids!

The opening shot of the trailer shows the old Grand Rapids Press building, where Val Kilmer goes to get his story published in the paper. The building doesn't even exist anymore, and is now part of a school, so it's cool to see it again.

Starring Val Kilmer, and Armand Assante, the story seems simple, and sort of silly.

Val Kilmer is a scientist who wants his paper published in the newspaper so people can read his doomsday prediction of the end of the world by climate change in 2012. To make sure they comply and publish his story, he's trapped a bunch of people in a steam room, where they'll all die if his demand isn't met.

See? He's going for the whole poetic justice kind of thing...they'll die from the excessive heat thing, and the climate change argument, and...okay, you get it.

There are several shots of Grand Rapids locations to look for in the movie, including the establishing shot of the GR Press building, as it was actually shot here, which is pretty cool.

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