I was pleasantly surprised by this entry in my series on Michigan Horror Movies for Halloween. Not that Cyrus had a huge budget, or was an amazing film, but that the cast has some real actors in in, and that it's not the worst story ever. I was surprised to see the amazing Lance Henriksen, but then again he's been in just about every movie in the last 40 years.

There are a couple other familiar faces, including Kim Rhodes, who is in some episodes of Supernatural, and Doug Jones, who's Abe Sapien from Hellboy, and a bunch of other movies.

Simple premise, nothing fancy. A terrible TV crew of two goes out to make a documentary on a cannibal serial killer, nicknamed the "County Line Cannibal".

Lance is the best friend of the killer, and gives them the name Cyrus Danser as the killer. He is then convinced to tell them the story of a good man who did a lot of really bad things. Including kill people and feed them to everyone in his famous "Road Kill Burger".

Oh wait, did I just spoil something? Dammit!

That won't stop you from sort of enjoying this movie. It's not the best you'll ever watch, but it's okay. If the TV crew had been better actors, as well as some of the victims, and the budget had been better, this could have been a pretty good movie.

It was filmed in Niles, and Three Oaks, Michigan, just south of us here in Grand Rapids. Not too far from the border with Indiana. They don't say much about the location the story takes place in, but it does say it's based on true events.

Unfortunately, the true story that inspired this movie took place in Hanover, Germany. We'll just ignore that, and enjoy the Michigan connection.