With Halloween fast approaching, I'm covering some of the movies that have been flimed in Michigan, or take place in our state. Yesterday, I covered a recent movie, It Follows, set in Detroit. Today, I bring you, Don't Breathe, and even new movie, also set in Detroit!

This is a pretty cool scary movie, starring that guy who's name you can't remember, but was in Avatar, and a bunch of other movies. His name is Stephen Lang, by the way, and he plays a blind man in Detroit. Some young jerks, who have a career stealing easy stuff, decide that breaking into his house and taking the insurance money from the death of his daughter is a good idea.

You already hate the kids, right? Who wouldn't?

But they didn't plan on the blind guy being a former soldier, and catching them in the act. He kills one of them pretty quickly, and then locks them in the house, stalking them in the dark.

There's another twist to this movie, but I'm not going to spoil it for you. Needless to say, there's not a whole lot to love about anyone in this movie.

The exterior stuff was filmed in Detroit, specifically at 2488 Buena Vista Street, which looks like a great location, because there's a White Castle, Church's Chicken, McDonald's, and Sterling Soul Food restaurants nearby! Lots of great food to eat while filming!

The interior stuff inside the house was filmed in Hungary, and there probably weren't so many nice places to eat around. Because it's called Hungary for a reason.

If you haven't seen the movie check it out, it's pretty good, and rumor has it, they're making a sequel.

2488 Buena Vista Street
2488 Buena Vista Street (via Google Maps)

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