How To Teach Your Mom To Smuggle Cocaine In Her Butt
Ok guys....if you go to jail, you cannot ask your mother to stick drugs in her butt and smuggle them into jail for you....haha....thats just not something you ask your mother to do!!   Meet the coke mom jail butt smuggler here….
Tattoo Chicks Are Slutty
Alright guys....if your headed out to the bar this weekend looking to pick up a chick and make the intercourse with her........I got some advice for ya that will increase your chances of picking up a chick by 75%.......and thats a pretty big %-age.......when you walk into a bar, and scope the place …
No Sex With The One Arm Daughter!
And guys, if your a dad, and your 70, and you have a 39 year old one arm daughter, you can't shoot guys for having sex with her!   She's not 14 anymore!
Why You Should Never Shower With A Hooker
And guys, I think its ok if you get yourself a hooker every now and then…I mean, it’s the oldest profession in the world, a victimless crime, and should certainly be legalized……however, if you do get yourself a hooker every now and then….one thing you should never d…
Why Guys Refuse To Sleep With Fat Chicks From Muskegon
And are you guys familiar  with Cambridge University?  Its over in the U.K, if your not  familiar  with it.....just think if it as a British Ivy league school....Harvard, or Yale.  And most of the time you think of Ivy leaguers as pencil pushing nerds, not crazy sex freaks right?  Haha....well accor…
The Difference Between Good Cans And Gross Cans
Girls....I know you like to think of your cans as your weapon....something that you have, that guys want......well I got news for ya....you might think of your cans as your power....to help you get some of the things want.....but I got news for ya honey, as much as you might think your cans give you…
Fat Chick Dating Etiquette
Any of you guys ever get set up on a blind date?  Any of you guys ever get set up on a blind date with a fat chick?  If ya have, or think that it could maybe happen to ya....I've got some "dating fat chick dating etiquette tips" for ya …..

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