And guys, if your a dad, and your 70, and you have a 39 year old one arm daughter, you can't shoot guys for having sex with her!   She's not 14 anymore!

So this one is for all you dads who are having a hard time letting go of your baby girl.........39 year old chick with only one arm  lives with her 70 year old dad in San Antonio TX....and under dads "house rules",  the chick IS allowed to have visitors, but not past midnight, she is also forbidden to have sex under her fathers roof.....well last week, 70 year old dad hears noises coming from down stairs at 3 in the morning...he walks down the stairs, only to find his 39 year old one arm daughter getting drilled on the couch by her boyfriend......Dad told his 39 year old one arm daughter to pull up her underpants and go upstairs to bed, and he told the boyfriend he had two minutes to get out of there or he was going to shoot dad went up stairs, came back two minutes later....dude was still there.....pumped his shot gun and blew off the guys hand!   70 year old dad arrested and now looking at 20 years in prison.....dude was taken to the hospital where they nicknamed him one arm Willy....(his name was William by the way)......and sent him home.….and now, he only has one arm, just like the one arm chick he shouldn‘t have been nailing in dads house in the first place!  Yea, if your a chick and you live with your dad and you have sex in his house against his wishes, it might be a little disrespectful....but you can't shoot someone over it......geeze!