Girls, I  read some really interesting stuff about how different kinds of chicks would think that,  just in general….. that a fat, uneducated poor trailer trash type chick would party more than a hot, educated chick right?   Well, that’s not the case at all.....according to the journal of Social Science and Medicine, its the smart girls who are the hardest partiers.........Here is why….

And guys.....if ya like to get your drink on, and your looking for a cool party chick to hang need to try and hook up with a really smart chick.....because according to an article in the journal of Social Science and Medicine, smart women, college educated women are 86% more likely to drink and smoke dope than women without college I would think that smart college educated chicks would be too busy to party every day....ya know, like they'd have a lot on their plates.....and it would be the poor, uneducated trailer trash whorey chicks who would be more inclined to party every day....cuz they’re fat, and poor and ugly and have nothing better to do....right?   Well, seems that’s not the according to this report, they say they don't know exactly why it is that smart chicks are the hardest partiers, but they say they have two theories.....1- smart chicks tend to have kids later in life, which allows them to postpone the responsibilities of parenthood and party harder for longer, where as stupid chicks get knocked up right after high school at a party in a corn field.....and 2- ....not only do educated women tend to have more active social lives, they also may work in male dominated workplaces where there’s an established culture of guys, bottom line is....if you wanna find a hard core chick drinking buddy.....find yourself a smart, college educated chick.....And if you want to knock up a stupid chick….just head to the nearest corn field party.