Collecting video games can be a very expensive hobby, especially when you start to find the games that are rare. Sometimes you can find a game that cost only .49 and then you come across a game that is around $200! I found a game at a gaming store that I have wanted for some time, and it did cost me a little bit.

I have played this game on every platform except this one.

Sega Saturn.

This console was a pretty good console, but when it came out, it tanked pretty hardcore to the Nintendo 64 and Playstation. Resident Evil came out on Playstation and was a very successful game. The same game came out on Sega Saturn, but wasn't produced as much as the Playstation version. Therefore making it harder to find and rare. Fortunately, I located it thanks to a friend!

It cost me about $50 for it, and I have noticed some minor differences from the Playstation difference. Mostly the texture in the faces of the characters. They are a lot more detailed than the Playstation version.

For all you perfectionist out there, it is complete, no case cracks, NM booklet...honestly for me, as long as everything is there, I am not to picky about condition of the case.

Toss that one of my pile of rare games :)