Resident Evil is still one of my favorite game series' that exist. Over the years though, it has really lost it's 'Survival Horror' roots and has become more of a shooter. The first game was filled with cheezy voice overs and clunky controls, but still was a lot of fun. At the time it was scary, but then other games really trampled it on horror. Resident Evil was starting to lose it's horror edge, then this game came around.

What: Resident Evil is a remake of the original game for PSX/Sega Saturn. You play as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine in a mansion that is swarming with zombies. Unearth the truth and escape the mansion alive!

Why: This is seriously one of the most terrifying games that exist. Gamers RARELY get a FULL re-imagining of a classic. There are HD remakes and such yes, but nothing as close to the source material as this game was. It took what make Resident Evil great and pushed it beyond the envelope. The creepy atmosphere, the haunting soundtrack, and the constant darkness always kept you wondering what was going to happen next.

It added a few things to the game that were not in the previous version of the game, like the story of Lisa Trevor, which was incredibly haunting. Play the game if you want to hear her whole story, it is just as intense. Hearing those chains lurking around the corner gave you a sense of uneasiness. My favorite/hated addition to the game was the 'Crimson Heads.' If you didn't burn or be-head a zombie, they would return later in the game quick moving and stronger. Like I said, I loved and hated this because it was awesomely fresh, but hated it cause DAMN THESE THINGS PISSES YOU OFF!

This game is considered by many as one of the best Resident Evil games ever created. I can very much agree with that statement, cause damn...this game is TRULY Survival Horror.