Veterans Day is a day for the nation the honor those who have served this country.  But a day that is meant for the utmost respect for these men and women turned sour at one Chili's restaurant in Cedar Hill, Texas.  

Ernest Walker went into a Chili's for a free meal on Veterans Day.  Walker, dressed in his military uniform, brought with him his service dog and his discharge papers.  But  someone told the manager that they didn't believe that he was actually a Veteran.  What?  The man has discharge papers for God's sake!  The manager confronted Walker and took away his free meal!  

The man clearly has proof of his military service, so why are you being such a jackass?  Walker and his attorney are meeting with Brinker International, Chili's parent company, about the matter in the hopes that something will be done with that ignorant manager.  

We are sorry that this happened to you, Ernest, and thank you for your service to our country!