It's been awhile since I have been to a good metal show, actually the 2014 Heavyweights were pretty bad ass. I had never attended a show at The Stache (Inside The Intersection) before, but it was pretty awesome. Protest The Hero, Battlecross, The Safety Fire, Intervals, and Night Versus all played that night, but Battlecross just killed it.

What was unique about this show is that it wasn't all just one type of metal. You got some progessive and extreme metal mixture. It was nice to hear different sounds that just the same type of metal all in one show. Sadly, I kinda missed Night Versus, but Intervals had quite some talent on guitar and was awesome to listen to. Safety Fire came up next with a dude who had some vocal pipes and can hit quite the high note, then Battlecross showed up and just tore the place a new one.

I had seen Battlecross a few times before, but not in such close perimeters. Once they hit those first few chords, the crowd just went bat (*&^ crazy. Moshing was everywhere and just the extremity of the lead vocalists' voice is just awesome. If you are looking for a some head banging extreme heavy metal, Battlecross is who you are looking for. Plus they gave a shout out to Heavyweight Champs Withhold the Blood.

Sadly I had to work the next morning and had to head out early and only captured about one or two songs of Protest the Hero, but from what people told me, they kicked ass.