If you dig deep enough, you will find gold in them thar hills! A few nights ago I typed in Grand Rapids into the YouTube search bar and found concert footage from all types of concerts in the past years. Then I stumbled upon one that shows how small they once were, and that was System of a Down.

Before you get big, you've gotta start somewhere. At a venue known a SubCulture in the Grand Rapids area back in 1999, a little known band named System of a Down played there...no joke!

System of a Down just released their first album with songs like 'Sugar' 'Suite-Pee' 'Know' and plenty more. It's really cool to see how young they were before having an elaborate stage setup, playing arenas, etc.

They were just a band trying to make it big, and they sure did. I think it would be fun to talk to these guys about their old days.

Check out the video below from August 23, 1999 at SubCulture in Grand Rapids, MI!

If you were at this show, we'd love to hear some stories from the show! Comment below!