Volbeat Debuts New Riff in Time for Grand Rapids Show
Volbeat will be here in just a few days, on June 5th at 20 Monroe Live. There are a few tickets left, and GRD is giving away the last pairs of tickets for the show, so keep listening to win. Just in time, Volbeat has posted a new riff they're working on, with the promise that if we're good…
Korn’s May Concert in Grand Rapids is Postponed
Unfortunately, Korn is postponing most of their shows in May. They're still performing a few big festivals in May, but the rest of the May tour dates are being postponed, including our show in Grand Rapids at 20 Monroe Live. We don't know why, or when they will happen, but all tickets…
Pop Evil Fun Tour Stories – FBHW Segment 16
Today on Segment 16, the guys talk with Leigh Kakaty and Hayley Cramer of Pop Evil about their upcoming show at 20 Monroe Live, fun things happening on their tour, celebrity surprises, and more! The band is always great to have on the show, and we love having our local buddies on!

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